Power Electronics

Power Electronics: Professional power supply
and converters for the industry

Petrochemical system securityThe Power Electronics's power supplies and converters are designed for mounting in cabinets or equipment intended for various types of industrial applications: process control, telecommunications, security, solar, etc….

The use of quality components such as electrolytic capacitors to +105 C, low-loss magnetic components,Fire protection system integrated circuits with industrial temperature range, active and passive components to CECC standards, ensuring high reliability and their use for industrial continuous . The units have been subjected to environmental tests and meet the IEC 68-2 safety standards EN60950 Class I.

The wide range of modules available and the connection plugelectric energy allows you to create many different configurations of power and complete: redundant system, UPS systems with battery backup, battery charger etc….

DIN and Rack is equipped with potential free relay contacts for remote indication of any fault status, front panel LED indication of correct operation, and device "adjust" of the output voltage.

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